UTOPIA in Layton

The Standard has an article on UTOPIA’s launch in Layton with some more details as to how things are going. UTOPIA reportedly is available in an 1800-home footprint in Layton and is up to a 20% take rate so far with 40% of visited homes taking service. There’s now reportedly more than 8,000 subscribers, not a big increase from numbers about a year ago (7200), but it has taken a few months post-financing to really pick up steam.

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3 Responses to UTOPIA in Layton

  1. Capt. Video says:

    I think more than 800 is a respectable gain. As you said, it took some time to get things rolling.

  2. u235sentinel says:

    Not to mention I wonder if the people there even know they can get faster internet for much less than they are paying now.

    Advertising isn’t their strong suit.

  3. Jesse says:

    According to the DesNews, the install fee in Layton is $110.

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