UTOPIA in Perry: "Real Soon Now" Becomes July

Forum commenter ALinPerry reports receiving a notice with his utility bill that UTOPIA will be going door-to-door in Perry next month to gauge interest in getting service. If interest is high enough, UTOPIA will finish the west side of town and add new subscribers as early as July. If you’ve been waiting for UTOPIA in Perry, keeps your eyes open for their reps.

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2 Responses to UTOPIA in Perry: "Real Soon Now" Becomes July

  1. u235sentinel says:

    And how can we get Utopia to gauge interest in West Jordan?

    I’ve been speaking with quite a few people just in my neighborhood who are VERY interested in seeing them come to West Jordan.

    And no, the City Council isn’t a great place to make this happen. But there have been some major changes this last couple years in their makeup. And this next year we’ll see the other half plus the Mayor up for re-election.

  2. Jesse says:

    Perry also put up a bond commitment, so they’ve got you trumped there. 🙂

    If you can’t get the city on-board, try going for a Special Assessment Area (the new name for Special Improvement Districts). They apply to a geographically-limited area and come in two flavors. One is the traditional type: put it up for a vote and if the majority prevails, everyone pays. The other is opt-in only and the cost per participant decreases as more people opt-in. Both are a lot of work.

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