Final Call: UTOPIA Breaking Ground in Brigham

Residents of Brigham City, the wait is apparently over. UTOPIA is holding a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday October 10th from 11AM to 2PM to close up registration for service and finalize construction timelines. The ceremony will be held in Pioneer Park at Forest St. and 600 W. If you’re interested in getting service via UTOPIA, this could be your final chance before the SAA closes and you have to pay the install cost upfront.

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10 Responses to Final Call: UTOPIA Breaking Ground in Brigham

  1. u235sentinel says:

    I just wish I could somehow wake the people of West Jordan up to go this route.

    People IMO are pretty lazy. We now have 1.5 Qwest DSL everywhere (just about) but instead of insisting we go with 21st century tech (as opposed to 18th century tech) we sit around, talk about it and do nothing.

    I’ve suggested this route several times to many people. But when it comes to actually doing something about it, only a handful show up and we loose credibility.

  2. luminous says:

    Well hopefully they will get their stimulus funds and the roll out and continue to more people.

    I would love it if their was a chance of an SAA working in my neighborhood(their isn’t).

    The more people that have Utopia, The more obvious the benefits of Utopia will become. If Utopia where to show off some of these next gen services (video phone,TeleMedicine, etc) in working form that would make a huge difference for their argument as well that their services don’t compete with Qwest because their services are utterly beyond Qwest’s services.

    Maybe Utopia should provide HD steaming feeds of the City Meetings and Events they hold when they are in area’s with Utopia Access just to prove they can? Would make a great demonstration of their capability’s. You could have 2 quality levels “Copper Broadband slow (360p)” and “Utopia Fiber fast(1080p)”.

  3. luminous says:

    Ohh and perhaps a “Qwest DSL Super Slow(240p)” speed option for all the 1.5meg people out their… =p

  4. john4utopia says:

    Luminous i work for utopia and just to let you know we are working on an SAA for Layton as well as the rest of the pledging cities

    We need all the help we can get so let work together and make this happen

  5. luminous says:

    I would be more then happy to lend any support I can to Utopia. I would love to be the first to sign the SAA in layton =p.

    Having experienced Qwests “Spirit of Service” first hand I can only imagine the nonsense everyone else has had to put up with in my area.

    Feel free to email me at if you think their is anything I can do to help.

  6. Utopia4Everyone says:

    I don’t blog nor post comments on forums but it just frustrates me that council members, city managers, mayors and our own Utah governor have not seen the economic benefits of having Utopia implemented statewide ASAP.

    I have to give credit to the creators of this website, at least they know the importance of pushing our state technologically forward.

    This is a great opportunity for Utah and only a few city’s are enjoying the fruit from their backyard tree.

  7. Capt. Video says:

    You talk about UTOPIA demonstrating advanced services like TeleMedicine and Video Phone (which very few would need or use)….how about UTOPIA FIRST demonstrating standard services that almost everyone uses, like VIDEO on a level similar to Comcast or satellite TV. How about a wide range of VOD or HD channels similar to what is offered and currently received by those providers?

    Currently if you do the SAA you are still likely to have to subscribe to Comcast or Dish/Direct for your video service if you want a really good VOD choice or HDTV option?

    I’ll bet little more than 10% of UTOPIA subscriber take video from UTOPIA but almost all are buying video from someone? Why are they buying data and or phone from uTOPIA but video from someone else?

    While I think MANY want 10,000+ VOD options (with some 90% being free VOD) and MANY want a very large selection of HDTV programming….FEW gave a damn about seeing city council meeting in HDTV.

    UTOPIA should fix what’s broken in it’s offering…and that is not data or phone which match and exceed other providers. VIDEO is where they are failing and need to get stronger to be competitive.

  8. luminous says:

    I can’t argue that Utopia needs to get their TV service worked out, They do. It would be good revenue for them , I will fault them for taking so blasted long tho.

    I don’t have any form of cable TV, Nor do I have any plans to get any in the future I have for the vast majority of what I want to watch. I will fully admit that I am hardly the average customer however and as such I am not up to speed on what someone would want out of a subscription TV service.

    Techo show-offy-ness won’t hurt Utopia, no one gives a rats rip about watching a city council meeting, But it would make for a great newspaper article(aka free positive advertising). And setting up a video feed is a simple task with very low cost.

  9. Ben Saunders says:

    Here is another of those wierd times where I agree with Capt. Video. Utopia is far from adeqaute in basic video service area. A friend of mine called up to see about getting service in built area. He looks for a video provider and I guess there is one, Primetime communications. Their web site is still 90% Mstar. In spite of an outdated web site with no pricing information, he calls Prime time. The first thing he hears is that they have sporadic video issues that will last through the weekend. This is Monday… After being told that the video is broken, he waits for a customer service representative (CSR) to answer and immediately asks for account information. I guess they never get new customers. He then asks about the cheapest way to get the Mountain channel and that is in an $89.00 bundle. The CSR seemed confused by all these “new customer” questions. My friend has an existing drop and CPE. He decides that Primetime really has no interest in serving him and he will stick with Dish.

    What good does it do to light up new areas if this typical of the marketing and customer service. I would say Utopia is doomed unless something changes.

  10. Capt. Video says:

    Anyone know the final details on the success of the SAA in Brigham City?

    1: How many people signed up (total in all areas)?

    2: How many in areas that have enough sign up to move forward with construction?

    3: What percentage of those the SAA was available to signed up?

    4: Are these sign-ups legally committed or has that step yet to happen (where they might lose some)? The deal is not closed until they are legally bound by contract.

    With registration closed and the homes committed, UTOPIA has no reason to worry that Comcast or Qwest can do anything to hurt them and they should share details on the SAA number.

    Does anyone have a copy of the document those in the SAA sign. Any type of contract or agreement with UTOPIA that protects them in any way?

    I would guess the lien on their property might be a public document that must be registered with the County Clerk? Anyone know?

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