Et tu, Frontier? Incumbent Caught Sabotaging Installs in Tremonton

Hey Frontier? Remember how a Comcast contractor got that company some very unwanted public attention for screwing up installs? That means that your guys should try and avoid to do the same thing. I’ve gotten a report that several UTOPIA customers in Tremonton recently had their ATA for phone service hosed after a Frontier tech reconnected service without the customer’s authorization. The voltage from the line caused problems both making and receiving calls and required replacement equipment. The evidence? Previously disconnected lines from the ILEC had been reconnected to the building wiring after UTOPIA attached its line to the building wiring. That’s a piece of the NTI that only the phone company has access to.

Not only am I pretty sure that this kind of behavior is illegal, it’s also dangerous. What if these customers had needed to call emergency responders? You guys have much more important things to concentrate on anyway (like your impending bankruptcy after buying up those rural Verizon lines).

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