Broadband Bytes for 2009-11-28

  • Video has driven a big increase in traffic, but better routing away from Tier-1 providers is managing it well. #
  • As usual, telcos want billions of federal dollars with no strings attached. #
  • Libraries are strapped for bandwidth. #
  • Comparing fiber to rail. #
  • We like in-flight WiFI, so long as we don't have to pay for it. #
  • Is it time to reward Hulu's bad behavior with the cold shoulder? #
  • Rural telcos have a diet high in fiber. Over half will offer FTTH to more than half of their customer base by 2011. #
  • Is there room for more than a single standard? TelephonyOnline makes a case for retiring the VHS/Betamax wars. #
  • Time Warner is trying to enlist customers in the fight against higher retransmission fees. #
  • TiVo is dying a slow death as knockoffs and streaming take their toll. #
  • Short-haul fiber electronics are about to see a big price drop. #
  • ICANN considers a full ban on DNS redirection. #
  • FairPoint turns to PR to fix their problems. (Hint: try fixing lines, billing correctly, and good service first.) #
  • Add another pro-broadband coalition to the mix. #

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