Brigham City Responds to UTA FUD

Brigham City has posted a thorough rebuttal (warning: PDF) of UTA’s false and misleading mailer sent to residents earlier this week. (h/t: Paul Larsen) It thoroughly shreds the UTA’s positions which are about the same as claiming that dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous substance. Many of them are the same rebuttal points I offered, some are new or provide additional specifics I did not have. It proved that UTA is, once again, making stuff up to derail UTOPIA while saying they’re looking out for taxpayers. If they really cared about taxpayers, they would stop trying to derail the project and make residents in the member cities pay higher taxes.

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2 Responses to Brigham City Responds to UTA FUD

  1. u235sentinel says:

    If you have met some of the people at capital hill (like Rep Craig Franks or Rep. Stephensen) then you will understand these people are NOT in politics to make life better for the people. Politicians rarely work for the benefit of the people. They work for the people they represent (of course) but rarely for the people like you and me.

    It’s unfortunate we keep electing these bozo’s year after year. Which is why they can kiss my vote goodbye. My family (and soon other’s in my neighborhood) are leaving the Republican party and going unaffiliated. And we have better sense than going Democrat.

    It’s politicians like Senator Stephensen and Rep. Frank that give the good politicians a bad wrap.

  2. Anon says:

    So, does anyone know the results of the vote?

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