2 Responses to Centerville's Google Pitch

  1. Yail Bloor says:

    Google can run GPON in Centerville? I think that’s off the mark anyway; Google may have an outside interest in WDMPON but failing that it seems PTP is their preference.

    I find pitches by individual member cities at the expense of a well defined and coordinated effort by UTOPIA to be counterproductive. And I don’t think it bolsters a pitch to highlight existing last mile infrastructure (middle mile is a different story) as Google implied part of their effort is to establish a road map for public/private partnerships to deploy FTTH. But those are the cards to be played I suppose.

    How much of the middle mile and backbone is built vs. how much of the last mile access is built? That’s what Google needs to know.

    Best of luck.

  2. Darren Kopp says:

    I hope centerville gets it. I work in centerville and where we are ALL we can get is a bunch of bonded T1 lines (we get 10Mb up/down right now) which is waaaaaaaaaaay more expensive that it should be.

    Can’t even get comcast as there aren’t any cable lines.

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