An Open Challenge for the Utah Taxpayers Association

For years, the Utah Taxpayers Association has been concern trolling over UTOPIA, conveniently avoiding any kind of real confrontation or public forum where they can be called on it. They censor or remove comments from their website that don’t support their position, they whip the press into a frenzy with fantastic and inaccurate claims, and they regularly go almost entirely unchallenged when they openly lie on behalf of their clients Qwest and Comcast. They’re the poster child for lobbyists run amok.

To that end, I’m issuing an open challenge to the Utah Taxpayers Association. You find your best guy, name a time and place, and we’ll have the knock-down, drag-out debate over UTOPIA that you’ve been avoiding for years. I know you’re reading and I know you’ll see this. I also know you’re probably too chicken to accept the challenge or risk getting your nose bloodied in a public forum. I’m extending it anyway to give you the opportunity to prove me wrong.

So bring it. I’m ready.

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7 Responses to An Open Challenge for the Utah Taxpayers Association

  1. Sen says:

    I’m willing to bet my last dollar on Jesse.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Howard Stevens is a coward, he prefers hiding behind his elected seat and inviting lobbyists on the same Qwest payroll as himself to attack Utopia without any possible consequence to himself.

    He would never go along with this because it would highlight the fact that a sitting legislator is a paid Qwest lobbyist at the same time. Such an exchange would highlight his unethical behaviour in an election year.

  3. u235sentinel says:

    We have incumbent companies with NO motivation to improve things regarding Internet access except by small leaps and bounds. There is hardly any competition and these twits in the UTA think all is well? Sounds like something I read somewhere once…

    All is NOT well, people are noticing and speaking out. And before you know it, these guys will be without a job.

    They better get paid well by Qwest and Concast because one day, they will be out of a job.

  4. kwasden says:

    I am thankful you posted this. When initially checking out UTOPIA for my town of St. George, UT I ran across the Utah Taxpayers Association. My initial thoughts were “Great someone who has done research to back this great project.” WRONG! I have posted numerous times because they invite you to leave a comment only to have my posts wiped within hours. They are so blind and being fed by the very beast we are up against.. Qwest. I thank you for your efforts and will continue to support this cause.

  5. u235sentinel says:

    If Qwest is soo great, why did they get bought out at a fire sale??

    I’m still waiting for something faster than 1.5 guys. Been here in downtown West Jordan and I’m like huh? This is the best? Really?

  6. wysiwyg says:

    I have Qwest’s fastest non-fiber home DSL. Fiber isn’t available in my area of Sandy yet.

    On average, users in Mongolia have better internet speeds.

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