Layton Mayor Curtis Takes Aim at the UTA

Apparently I’m not the only one sick of the Utah “Taxpayers” Association and their constant vuvuzela-like drone. Layton Mayor Steve Curtis is getting sick of their spiel too.

Mayor Steve Curtis said UTOPIA, and the cities involved in it, have been transparent. “There isn’t anything we are doing behind closed doors,” he said.

The association has been opposed to UTOPIA from the beginning, Curtis said. “And if there is a way and means to stir the public, they go about it,” he said.

Curtis said he also disagrees with the association’s assumption that the public pledges being made available to the project are on the rise.

This is the kind of elected official needed in UTOPIA cities, just like Mayor Winder of West Valley City. It’s about time that the cities started sticking up for themselves and their decisions against the telecom guns-for-hire representing themselves as some kind of public advocate. You’re on notice, UTA: we’re all pretty sick of your lies.

Special Note: The UTA is still a bunch of cowards. They never responded to my challenge to a debate and refuse to respond on their Twitter account. Royce Van Tassell will also abandon any discussion thread on FaceBook about UTOPIA once I jump on. What a bunch of wusses.

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2 Responses to Layton Mayor Curtis Takes Aim at the UTA

  1. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    I like our Mayor here in Layton, voted for him in the last election and I will vote for him in the next election.

  2. u235sentinel says:

    Our Mayors here in West Jordan have no problem dropping a few million here and there for things like museums and dog parks. Citing it’s important to the city’s future. Still spending any effort to even evaluate Utopia OTOH is bad because we’ll spend money and nobody will use it.

    And how many people visit the museum or use the dog park vs. would buy into Utopia???

    It seems we can’t seem to vote people into office that aren’t retarded. Our budget is dangerously close to negative. We’ve repaved 70th south three times in the last 5 years (just a few houses away from mine). And we’re spending money on dog parks and museums because it’s good for the city.

    We’ve been looking at other cities to move to which has Utopia already connected. Might not happen for a few more years but it will happen.

    And Concast can kiss my rear. 3 years Concast free. And Qwest has been bought out because they can’t compete with their backwards 1.5 DSL. Concast is rolling out 50 Meg internet and is deploying 100 Meg internet around here. I know people in Layton who already have it.

    WTH!! These government monopolies need to go.

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