Want the fastest broadband in Utah? Brigham City has you covered

Ookla, the company responsible for running Speedtest.net, has recently released new results on the state of broadband speeds around the world and Brigham City has taken the top spot in Utah by a wide margin. Their average speed of 20.59Mbps handily bests second-place Pleasant Grove by almost 60%. Considering that over a third of the city accesses the Internet using a UTOPIA service provider, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise; almost all of the increase has been in the somewhat recent future. Neither is it surprising that two of the top three ISPs (as ranked by speed) are UTOPIA providers Xmission and Integra Telecom.

I think the moral of the story is crystal clear: if you want top-notch Internet service, get UTOPIA.

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2 Responses to Want the fastest broadband in Utah? Brigham City has you covered

  1. Anon says:

    The big “wow” factor for me is the Upload page. Brigham City is over 5 times faster, on average than the next closest.

  2. Dirk Poulsen says:

    You actually have to have the service which is apparently unavailable this month as the fine people at the wonderful Utopia have never returned my call.

    You have to have people to provide service. People cost money. Utopia has none.

    Wooptie Doo!

    Fast service? I was ready 1 month ago. Where the hell is Utopia?

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