Provo is Serious About a Plan B

An anonymous tipster pointed out that Provo is currently soliciting Requests for Qualifications for iProvo. The RFQ itself is very specific in stating that while it’s looking for companies who could take over the network, nothing in it should be construed to imply that the city actually anticipates getting the network back at this time. Based on Veracity’s particular situation, I’d be disinclined to believe otherwise.

So what does it mean? I’m guessing that the city doesn’t want to be caught unprepared yet again (*cough*HomeNet*cough*Mstar*cough*Broadweave*cough*) should the worst happen. One bitten, twice shy. If you think your ISP has the chops to take it over should the need arise, you’ve got until February 28 to get your name on the list. For what it’s worth, I’ve asked Veracity if they had anything to add, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. If/when I do, I’ll be sure to add it up here. I’d imagine, though, that this story is about as cut and dry as it seems.

Read the RFQ for yourself: Telecom_Network_RFQ_Final

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3 Responses to Provo is Serious About a Plan B

  1. A.Lee says:

    A friend of mine at Comcast confirms that they were approached with the possible iProvo availability. It seems like everyone knows this is in progress except for the citizens of Provo and of course the Daily Herald. It also looks like John Curtis has taken up the usual “say one thing while doing another” methods that have been so characteristic of iProvo management.

    First its the secret council of four meetings and now its a covert move to explore sale options.

    I understand the occasional need for secrecy in business, but I don’t want my political leaders to be in business and in competition with the private sector. This idea that we have to keep it secret to protect the investment concept is wearing thin. Its time to be honest about this Mr. Curtis

    • Jesse says:

      Provo City hasn’t exactly instilled trust in their processes, especially when it comes to divestiture of city assets to private entities. All the same, I’m willing to give Mayor Curtis the benefit of the doubt for now. Nothing I have would indicate that Veracity is anywhere close to triggering execution of Plan B.

  2. A.Lee says:

    Everything Mayor Curtis says lately tells me that Veracity has already triggered Plan B. The fact that he admits that Veracity will not cover their obligation to Provo City means exactly that. It is no secret that he is searching through his funding sources looking for a way to cover the shortfall between what Veracity is comfortable with paying and the bond payments.

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