Comcast Can’t Shake the Anti-P2P Legacy

Yesterday morning, the Internet went into a total tizzy when Comcast users found themselves unable to access the infamous torrent site ThePirateBay. Almost immediately, the accusations of intentional blocking spread like wildfire despite Comcast’s insistence that they aren’t doing anything. This reveals a pretty telling truth: Comcast’s foray into filtering traffic has done permanent and incalculable damage to the brand, even years after admitting to the blocking and putting an end to it.

Is Comcast blocking anything? I doubt it. They took such a big PR black eye the first time that they’re unlikely to be dumb enough to try it again. That the stain persists years later, however, shows what a bad move it is to manipulate user traffic. Let that be a warning to all service providers of the lasting consequences of abusing users.

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2 Responses to Comcast Can’t Shake the Anti-P2P Legacy

  1. Mark Towner says:

    I spoke with Council Chair Remington-Love about the possibility of SCL looking again about the possibility of UTOPIA. She said that they were going to look again now that Ralf Becker is Mayor. Can you explain why Rocky was so opposed to UTOPIA and competition for HS Internet in SLC

    • Jesse says:

      Rocky’s opposition was entirely on financial grounds. Becker is a lot more receptive (or at least he was last I heard) and provided both the low financial risk and relatively vocal demand, I think that SLC (among other cities) is going to be ripe for a renewed push in the fall. Cities aren’t likely to consider anything before then as they’ll want to see if the new UIA model performs as promised.

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