Broadband Bytes for 2011-08-20

  • When will Centerville have @UTOPIAnet service? Try October. #
  • @mxmissile @UTOPIAnet It's in progress as part of the ARRA-funded build-out. If you live near a gov bldg or hospital, it should be close. #
  • @lightguardjp @utopianet It's a pretty simple formula. No money == no network. I don't expect that to change anytime soon. #
  • @lightguardjp @utopianet You've got the right-of-way already cleared. That's a big step. #
  • Odds are good that your ISP is actually making money from P2P. #
  • Fox and ABC respond to piracy concerns by making legal content even less available. #
  • @lightguardjp The 8-day window is intentional. If you miss a week, you can't catch up in time for the next live airing. #
  • @lightguardjp In short, it's punishing you for not watching video the way they want you to. You have to pirate to catch up. #
  • Wireless and cable facing more complaints than ever. #
  • Where's the smart grid? Out in the boonies, apparently. #
  • Want to drop your network deployment costs? Avoid highway right-of-ways. #
  • Provo owns the reality of paying for their network. #
  • Time Warner Cable figures out what we already knew: their primary business is broadband. #
  • AT&T: "Pay no attention to the market consolidation behind the curtain!" #
  • The Deseret News pens a low-information editorial on iProvo. #

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