UTOPIA Lands DISH Network

In a huge move, UTOPIA has just announced that national satellite provider DISH Network is now a provider on the network. Scoring an A-list provider in the telecom space is a major coup and could very well prompt other established operators to sign up as providers. Packages through DISH will include Blockbuster streaming and their own brand of TV Everywhere, Sling, that will allow you to watch programs on your smartphone or tablet.

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UTOPIA and DISH Network Team Up to Provide Broader Array of Video Services


Consumers will have more choice and be able to use UTOPIA’s high-speed capabilities to “sling” video content to Internet-enabled devices, including phones and tablet computers


Salt Lake City (March 6, 2012) – UTOPIA, the open-access fiber-optic network consisting of 16 member cities that joined together to provide critical telecommunications infrastructure to their residents, has added DISH Network to its roster of service providers. This will provide a greater variety of television channels and viewing options for UTOPIA customers who desire them.


“We are partnering with DISH Network to provide more entertainment options to consumers through different mediums. DISH is at the forefront of recognizing that more and more people are changing the way they watch TV and that fewer of them are viewing their favorite programs on schedules determined by the content providers,” said Todd Marriott, Executive Director of UTOPIA. “DISH Network is one of the best content delivery companies out there, and we’re grateful to be doing business with them to offer content people want at a reasonable price.”


Consumers signing up for DISH Network services through UTOPIA can enjoy a wide range of HD channels as well as DISH’s Blockbuster Movie Pass, which offers movies, games and TV shows. Internet, phone and satellite-TV services are being offered through UTOPIA’s Triple Play, starting at $99 per month.


With this arrangement, customers will receive television services through a household satellite dish. Then, using UTOPIA’s high-speed upload capabilities, consumers will be able to take advantage of DISH Network’s many offerings that extend beyond the traditional delivery of content to their living room televisions. These include digital video recording (DVR) devices and apps that allow them to watch TV anywhere and at any time on personal computers and mobile devices such as tablets and phones.


DISH Network’s Sling® technology works by compressing the home television signal via an Internet-connected receiver and uploading it to the web thereby making TV programming available on consumers’ mobile devices wherever they may be at any time. Because the receiver will be connected to UTOPIA’s lightning-fast fiber-optic network, consumers can access all of the DISH Network offerings much more easily than if they were using a traditional copper wire infrastructure, which is limited in the speed and amount of data it can transmit.


Consumers who live in one of UTOPIA’s service areas and wish to find out more information about DISH Network services can contact UTOPIA customer service at (801) 613-3870 or visitwww.utopianet.org/lightspeed.


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The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, more commonly known as UTOPIA, consists of a group of 16 Utah cities that joined together to form a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network and provide critical telecommunications infrastructure to their residents. The network offers fiber-to-the-premises technology allowing for faster services that are uninterrupted by copper wiring or shared connections with neighbors. Its open access model fosters competition among private sector service providers who offer Internet, television, telephone and other services, giving customers the freedom to choose their own service providers, the best prices and the best service.


For more information on UTOPIA including member cities and business and residential service providers, visit www.utopianet.org.

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4 Responses to UTOPIA Lands DISH Network

  1. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Wow, this is big.

    I wonder if Dish will let internet providers package there video services with there offerings. Would provide a short route to triple play. All Utopia needs now is a cell provider to sign on so they can offer quad play with cell service.

    Seems to me lately that Utopia finely has it figured out, bit more funding via the stimulus, new business model via UIA and all the pieces seem to be falling together.

    Now if only they would get into East Layton so that I could finely get my Xmission service back!!!!

    • Jesse says:

      Lafayette, LA partnered with Sprint to do a quad-play on their fiber network, so it’s entirely possible sometime like that will happen here.

  2. Bob Derber says:

    Was just on the phone with Sandinet (OR) yesterday. They provide data only because the video head was the most difficult – mostly due to licensing issues to get depth of offering. This may indicate a very useful advancement….. your thoughts, Jesse?

    • Jesse says:

      That’s not surprising. UTOPIA wanted to pipe video content from Portland using their existing fiber backbone, but the archaic requirements from the content owners dictated that they use a satellite dish instead. This is, unfortunately, par for the course. Content owners haven’t caught up with the new methods of distribution and are so terrified of the piracy boogeyman that they’re more-or-less shooting themselves in the foot.

      I think this partnership with Dish is a big deal to maybe help allay some of those concerns. I’m planning on writing more about that later.

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