Broadband Bytes for 2012-06-16

  • Comcast anti-trust suit from 2003 still alive. #
  • .@UTOPIAnet announces availability of 1Gbps symmetrical connections to all homes in their footprint. #utpol #
  • Highest bandwidth customer on @UTOPIAnet using 20Gbps of total bandwidth. Can your Internet do that? #
  • Now demonstrating remote HD security cameras with two-way voice. Uses at least 20Mbps per stream. @UTOPIAnet #
  • Upload capacity sets @UTOPIAnet apart. Now demonstrating full home control with lights, sprinkler controls, door locks. #
  • 300Mbps wireless is less useful if your ISP can’t saturate the connection. @UTOPIAnet can. #
  • Speed tests can’t keep up with @UTOPIAnet connections, won’t show the full speed of 1Gbps connections. #
  • Showing off a HD instant-response security camera in WVC with a stabilizer from a review of the top stabilizers on the market. Very impressive. #
  • Just showed a DVD copied from Centerville to SLC in under a minute. #
  • 100Mbps is not enough for homes with multiple set-top boxes. 4-5 of them can saturate the connection. 1Gbps is needed. #
  • Centerville used to have problems uploading their city budget to the website. With @UTOPIAnet, it finished instantly. #
  • Centerville is using @UTOPIAnet to build free public wifi in their parks. #
  • Centerville has over 500 active customers, entire town can be signed up. The city has reduced costs by using @UTOPIAnet. #
  • City GIS can now access data city-wide, greatly improves productivity. #
  • One resident is saving $1000 per year in connectivity costs with @UTOPIAnet and yet getting a better connection. #
  • Almost all residents who have signed up are saving money by switching, talk up the network to their neighbors. #
  • West side of Centerville had almost no broadband until @UTOPIAnet showed up. #
  • Very few providers can offer 1Gbps. @UTOPIAnet is one of them. #
  • “They never think they need it [100Mbps+] until they get it.” Gary Jones of @UTOPIAnet #
  • .@UTOPIAnet Exec. Director Todd Marriott estimates 30-100 users will sign up for 1Gbps immediately. #
  • .@UTOPIAnet is looking at ways on a daily basis to drive down install costs. Economy of scale is the big one. #
  • High bandwidth enables seniors to live at home longer with remote medical monitoring. #
  • Infrastructure like @UTOPIAnet provides a platform for next-generation applications. #
  • Check out our pictures of UTOPIA’s media day! #
  • Palo Alto calls it quits on fiber. #
  • Rep Issa and Sen Wyden working on a “Digital Bill of Rights”. #
  • What we all knew: proliferation of wifi networks cuts performance significantly. #
  • Comcast amazingly takes a stand against copyright trolls. #
  • DOJ wants to make sure your ISP isn’t throttling video. #
  • Feds to ease right-of-way for fiber on federal roads and property. #
  • .@UTOPIAnet part of the new US Ignite initiative to improve US broadband. #
  • Unsurprisingly, aggressive caps drive up broadband costs. #

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