Rumor: Google Fiber is looking at SLC to block out a possible UTOPIA expansion

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Still thinking that Google Fiber is your only gigabit option in SLC? Think again. I’ve heard from several reliable sources that Salt Lake City got on Google’s short list for a new round of expansion because of fears that UTOPIA would beat them to the punch (and possibly go into Provo as well). Macquarie is reportedly interested in expanding UTOPIA across the entire state and has particular interest in Salt Lake City since it’s the largest and most visible municipality. UTOPIA already has several fiber rings within the city it could use to fuel the expansion. If this rumor is true, it could mean that Utah would soon be not only the first gigabit state, but one with 17 separate companies competing for your business.

I’ve also heard rumors about details of the Macquarie deal that make it an even better deal that I possibly imagined. Once I get confirmation on some of the details, you’ll be the next to know.

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10 Responses to Rumor: Google Fiber is looking at SLC to block out a possible UTOPIA expansion

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  2. Garp says:

    They are trying to expand? I have been waiting for them to cross town for years… and years… and years.

  3. Richard says:

    Let SLC become the next Austin where multiple solutions compete for customers with all of them offering 1gb connections. I’m confident Utopia and the open model will be the winner.

  4. Greg says:

    I moved to the city I live in based solely on UTOPIA availability…Then I found out where I live is one of the few areas in the city that doesn’t have it…I need the Macquarie deal to happen! I’m glad we have Google scared, it means we’re doing something right. Comcast and Century Link have been fighting UTOPIA because of what it means…They know with competition they are going to have to actually compete. Having a monopoly makes business easy, especially when that business is almost an essential part of living (equal to electricity/phone).

  5. J. Lee says:

    I’m moving to Utah soon and I know what you mean. Each house I find in Murray I plug it into the address search on UTOPIA to find out if it’s available. Right now I’m torn between a house in North SLC and Murray. I wonder if I pick NSLC how many years till fiber happens. Looking forward to any more news you have Jesse. NSLC up on Eagle Ridge seems to have a lot of houses with money for fiber.

  6. B. Wolsey says:

    I’ve had UTOPIA with XMission (who ROCKS!!) for many years down south in Payson and have absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, my employer has moved to South Jordan and I find myself needing to move to South Salt Lake. I’m very disappointed that UTOPIA isn’t in any communities on the south end of the valley (as Murray and Midvale are too far north for my wife needs). I eagerly await more news of UTOPIA expansions throughout south Salt Lake Valley.

    • Jesse says:

      Some neighborhoods in South Salt Lake have UTOPIA fiber. They’re primarily high-density housing build by Hamlet Homes. I think they should show up on the state broadband map.

  7. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    I am starting to wonder if Macquarie is smelling blood in the water, Centurylink sitting around $20 billion dollars of debt, most of it running around 7.5%.

    I must ask is Macquarie a publicly traded company?

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