Broadband Bytes for 2014-04-25

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5 Responses to Broadband Bytes for 2014-04-25

  1. Charles Hart says:

    I for one sent multiple emails to Netflix asking then to raise my rate and cut a deal with Comcast to improve evening performance (which was terrible before they cut the deal).

  2. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Its a Faustian bargin Charles, just wait sooner or later Comcast will reshape your internet to look like a cable package, and you won’t be able to use google without buying expanded basic service, and yourtube will be part of an extra package that requires you to buy espn360 and the disney sites.

    I canceled my subscription to netflix partly for enabling Comcast, by setting the precedence that this is acceptable.

  3. Charles Hart says:


    I disagree. the extra money ($1-2/m) is trivial. It doesn’t matter if Netflix pays Comcast.

    What is needed and is coming (slowly) is competition to Comcast. Then Comcast will have to compete with what ever Utopia wants to make Nelflix run well.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    that is fine for limited parts of the Utah market, where we have the benefit of city governments investing in an alternative, the vast majority of the county does not have this benefit.

    And its not trivial, today its netflix, tomorrow its yourtube, the day after its google. AT&T has been talking about out right blocking netflix and selling an alternative service of their own.

    And how long does it stay $1-$2 dollars, they have their claws in now, give it 10 years and it will cost as much as the HBO package. And in 10 years think of all the other things you will be forced into paying for, google, gmail, bing,, Turn the internet into a pay per view experience at your own peril.

    How long is it before they use this pretense to block content they disagree with, or that the government disagrees with.

    The sad fact is for the most part internet service is a natural monopoly, and their will never be competition, beyond that of a duopoly and give the steady collapse of USWest/Qwest/Centurylink likely a monopoly(their copper from the node network is a pathetic joke).

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