2 Responses to Broadband Bytes for 2015-06-05

  1. charles says:

    Centurylink moving into Orem with fiber? Good news indeed.

    The orchard next to me is being developed. I hope they lay the conduit for fiber. According to the developer they are. I should end up with fiber on my lot line in a year or two.

    I’ve been happy with my Comcast internet service. I pay $53/m for 50M. I also like the free Norton security app. However, I would like an alternative to keep them honest and hungry for my business.

  2. Sam Allen says:

    CL was at my house a month ago. Talked with technician about Google Fiber in SLC. He said they will compete but only in areas they can hang the fiber off the poles. Burying Fiber is too expensive for the ROI the technician said. Whether or not that is true, don’t know. I suspect if it’s greenfield they would bury fiber, otherwise, the first fiber in Orem would be hung on the poles I”m guessing.

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