Broadband Bytes for 2015-07-24

  • Accountable? Nah. 15 Years Into Agreement To Provide St. Paul's Elderly A Cable Discount, Comcast Reps Have Never… ->
  • DTW FTW. Quicken Founder Dan Gilbert Follows Google Fiber's Lead, Brings $70 Gigabit Fiber To Detroit | Techdirt ->
  • Broadband Bytes for 2015-07-17 ->
  • Customer-owned ISPs are viable. Where big ISPs won’t invest, customer-owned ISPs are deploying fiber ->
  • Comcast: an Internet company, not a TV one. (Warning: autoplay video.) 5 stunning stats about Comcast ->
  • Because the incumbent can't or won't. Five years after Verizon abandoned FiOS build, city still seeking fiber ->
  • At least Canada gets it. Canada orders large ISPs to make fiber available to competitors ->
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