A way forward on Macquarie? HB275 could pave the road

macquarie_logo_2638One of the big obstacles to Macquarie moving forward has been the lack of a binding public vote option. After the craziness in Orem with a citizen referendum¬†overturning council action, I can’t see that they would be too keen to make a contract that can be unexpectedly nullified. Unfortunately, Utah Code doesn’t allow for such a thing… yet.

Rep Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek) is sponsoring HB275 which would allow for non-binding public questions to be added to ballots. While this wouldn’t be more than a poll in its current form, it’s not impossible that it could be extended to include the kind of binding vote that Macquarie is looking for. It’s probably too late to make those kinds of changes now (the best time to start on a bill is about six months ago), but passing it could lay the groundwork to extend it in the 2017 session.

My advice? Start contacting Rep Arent a few weeks after the session is over to see if she’s willing to run with it.

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2 Responses to A way forward on Macquarie? HB275 could pave the road

  1. Richard says:

    The elephant in the room was the incumbents who ran a masterful mis-information and FUD campaign but were never held accountable to answer for the facts.

    But then again, this is politics, where you can run and win saying anything to get attention, proposed doing something preposterous, unconstitutional or illegal and pass it off as plausible if not achievable.

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