Vineyard Mulls UTOPIA Membership

With the expiration of a ban on new members, the small town of Vineyard is now considering joining UTOPIA. The city is considering becoming a pledging member meaning that they will promise tax money to cover the debt service should it not be covered by revenues from subscribers. Becoming a pledging member means that they will be guaranteed a build-out of the network. Non-pledging cities, such as Cedar City, will have to wait until there is enough excess revenue to cover the build-out of the network in their city.

Roger Black, COO at UTOPIA, says that the deployment could raise home values by around $5,000 just by having the service available. Vineyard is eager to join sooner rather than later so that lines can be installed in new major developments without having to tear up existing roads. Vineyard is now waiting for a cost assessment prior to committing to joining the network.

(See full article here.)

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