White City Community Council Meeting Tomorrow

Don't forget that the White City Community Council will be meeting tomorrow. UTOPIA is on the agenda and I will be following up with some answers concerning the cost and value of the project. I spoke with UTOPIA COO Roger Black yesterday and there may be a representative from UTOPIA on hand to help answer questions about the project. The meeting will be held at 7PM at Eastmont Middle School (at the intersection of Sego Lily and 1300 E) in room 105 on the lower level. The parking lot entrance is on Sego Lily (take the west entrance).

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  1. Mark Towner says:

    Jesse, What is you connection with UTOPIA? I am not sure who Jesse Harris is.  Who does he work for?  Do you have any more information on him? Thanks, Whitney From: Mark Towner [mailto:marktowner@comcast.net] Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 9:02 AM To: Whitney Holland Subject: Jesse Harris? What is the connection with Utopia and Jesse Harris? Does this person work for Utopia or one of the Utopia providers? Mark Towner 801.502.9134

  2. Jesse says:

    My connection with UTOPIA? I advocate for it and nothing more. (I thought the FAQ was clear on this.) I'm not employed by UTOPIA, DynamicCity, MSTAR, Veracity, Nuvont, AT&T, Xmission or anyone else that receives financial compensation as a part of the project. Where do I work? I prefer not to mingle my employer in my personal activities. Suffice to say that it's a technology company in the Jordan Commons office tower (of which there are several) that has no connection to providing or consulting on Internet service. (In other words, it's a totally unrelated part of the industry.)

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