Fiber Networks Drive Telecommuting, Home-Based Business

A survey conducted by the FTTH Council shows that many FTTH subscribers use it for telecommuting or home-based businesses. About 13% of respondents indicated that they were using it to telecommute an average of one day per month more than they normally would while 10% indicated they were using the high-speed connections to run home-based businesses. Figuring the take rates for systems like UTOPIA, that means that with the projected take rates and a full build-out, the system will take an average of over 1,000 commuters per day off the road, a significant impact on transportation policy in the Beehive State. This is a major public policy impact that goes far beyond the improved economics from spurring new home-based businesses, a segment that lead the stratospheric growth of Las Vegas' local economy.

It also seems that FTTH users report a higher satisfaction with the service compared to DSL and cable with over 85% of subscribers saying they're pleased with the service. This might have to do with the median download rate of FTTH connections being over 2.5 times higher than the national average. Speed matters.

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