Broadband Bytes: Thursday Edition

  • Dish Network has started offering HD and SD content in MPEG4 format. Other providers cable and DirectTV are only providing HD content in MPEG4 format.
  • Qwest is trying to get Comcast taxed as a telco here in Utah.
  • Google says they need more undersea bandwidth and traditional providers can’t provide. So they are building more of their own. From an older article on the same subject “Google has so much cash, it’s now competing head-to-head the world’s biggest telcos.”
  • I wish this study came out when I was still in school. Then I would have had a better excuse for the 2nd phone line for the modem back in the day. Apparently broadband at home helps kids get better grades.

Update: Sorry for the dupe on the Comcast cap thing. I guess I should check the front page before posting.

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2 Responses to Broadband Bytes: Thursday Edition

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    hehe, you also had a dupe on Qwest trying to get Comcast taxed more here in Utah since I posted about that in the Weekend Edition 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thats funny. I thought it looked familiar but with the date I didn’t think it could have been here I saw it.

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