U-CAN Meetings for September

U-CAN Meetings will be held this month in Brigham City and West Valley City. Due to the lengthy travel time involved in getting up to Brigham City, no meetings will be held this month in Utah or Davis Counties. The meeting in Brigham City will be held at the Brigham City Carnegie Library at 26 E Forest St and the West Valley meeting will be held at the Hunter Library at 4740 W 4100 S. As usual, all are encouraged to attend (even the resident mole from Frontier Communications).

UPDATE: In my haste to publish, I forgot to mention dates and times. WVC is on the 25th at 7PM and Brigham City is on the 27th at noon.

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3 Responses to U-CAN Meetings for September

  1. Dave says:

    Date? Time?

  2. Jesse says:

    Whoops. They’re in the sidebar. WVC will be on the 25th at 7PM and Brigham will be at noon on the 27th.

  3. Bend it like Brentham says:

    Thank you for the hasty updates. It was pretty confusing when there was no specific date or time posted.

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