FTTH Coming Soon to Manti, Ephraim, Sterling

It’s not just cash-rich incumbent telcos (read: Verizon) that can get in on the FTTH action. Broadband Properties Magazine reported in the August/September issue that Manti Tele Communications Company is replacing its copper with a brand-new FTTH network designed to devlier faster Internet speeds as well as IPTV. The company’s website (which looks like it was designed in 1997, the year the company was formed) is light on details, but I’m hopeful that this is a big step forward for these rural communities.

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4 Responses to FTTH Coming Soon to Manti, Ephraim, Sterling

  1. Richard says:

    When creating articles, please don’t assume all of your readers have a grasp of the numerous acronyms you will employ. I presume FTTH means Fiber to the Home, spelling this out the first time in your article would remove any potential confusion.

  2. FGF says:

    Is Manti a CLEC, regional ILEC or IOC? Anyway, I’m glad they’re making the transition from TDM to VoIP and from ATM/SONET to 10GigE/IP. Their hardware vendor makes both PTP and PON gear, including GPON, and I like their ONT, OLT and RGN designs. I’m also curious if their IPTV product will have a robust VoD offering.


  3. Jesse says:

    They’re a regional incumbent just for those three towns. Their webpage seems to indicate that on-demand options are “coming soon” and I’d bet that the fiber network is what’ll make it happen.

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