Is the wait over in Layton? UTOPIA service may be available!

Forum commenter mabuxton reports that they’re getting UTOPIA installed at their Layton home in just two weeks. XMission and two other providers (I’m guessing FuzeCore and Nuvont) are reportedly going to have residential service available in the area and you can sign up for the install right now. If you’ve been waiting with baited breath to get UTOPIA service in the city, now is the time to call!

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6 Responses to Is the wait over in Layton? UTOPIA service may be available!

  1. Darren Kopp says:

    yes, it is. i’m getting it installed feb. 20. woooot. and yes, nuvont is one of them, but i’m going w/ xmission.

  2. luminous says:

    what part of layton are you in?

  3. Mike Taylor says:

    Just checked on an address of mine, it’s not available near 800 E on highway 193. The response I got from UTOPIA was:

    “Thank you for your submission. UTOPIA is currently available in a small area
    in Layton. Unfortunately, it is not available at your address. Please check
    back in the summer time for new construction time lines in Layton. Thank you
    for your submission!”

  4. Mike Taylor says:

    Also checked on an address on Heritage Park Blvd in Layton, it’s not available yet there either.

  5. Darren Kopp says:

    I’m right off Fort Lane between Antelope and Gordon.

  6. Ryan says:

    Just got it installed the other day. Everything is working great. Between Hill Field Rd and Fort lane, and Antelope and Gordon.

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