UTOPIA Mobile Home Spotted in Brigham City

Commenter Dave has noted that he has seen UTOPIA’s mobile home cruising the streets of Brigham City. From what I’ve heard, this is being used as a mobile office to provide local demonstrations and provide local support ahead of any marketing efforts. Don’t know if they were passing through for gas on their way to Tremonton or if it means that service in Brigham is right around the corner. Your best bet is to call up UTOPIA or one of its providers to find out if service is available to you.

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6 Responses to UTOPIA Mobile Home Spotted in Brigham City

  1. Mike Bignell says:

    Email from utopia today:
    Thank you for your submission. UTOPIA is currently not available in Brigham City. We are in the process of creating a new construction time line for the city. Please check back after the middle of the year. Thank you!

    Andrea A. Nalder
    Administrative Assistant

  2. Dave says:

    Just got a postcard from Utopia. February 20 Brigham City and Utopia will be having an Open House. It states on the back of the card “You will also have a chance to join the Utopia Network during our Open House. UTOPIA representatives will be in attendance to answer questions and help you sign up for UTOPIA services”. This will be the second Open House I will have attended for businesses interested in Utopia. The last one had the typical Real Soon Now and was held a year and a half ago. I am optimistic that they are ready to go.

  3. devan says:

    I was able to sign up for service, however their database did not have the brigham city addresses that had service available in it. They are going to call this week with the install date. The service area is about 200 homes and the industrial park near Pioneer park…. With fuzenet offering wireless to the rest of the city off of the fiber line.

  4. FGF says:

    Fuzecore is using UTOPIA as backhaul for a wireless offering? Any details on that offering? Are they doing that in other locations? Thanks.

  5. Jesse says:

    FGF: That was one of the topics we discussed on the podcast. They’re also planning to offer wireless in Garfield just north of Tremonton. With UTOPIA’s backhaul, they can offer twice the speed of other WISPs at a lower price.

  6. devan says:

    When I spoke to the Fuzecore reps at the open house they said they would offer wireless in Brigham City to the areas that the fiber was not connected and they would then assist in transitioning subscribers over to the fiber connection as each area was finished.

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