A New Direction for Broadband Bytes

Some of you have probably noticed that the Broadband Bytes feature hasn’t been appearing on the website since March 17. There’s two reasons for this: it takes a large chunk of my Saturday to put it together (thus why it was frequently published late) and I haven’t been getting paid for it. My personal financial situation now demands that more of my time be spent earning a living, so free time is at a premium. All the same, I run into stories worth sharing on a regular basis. So do Mike and Jonathan.

To that end, I setup a Twitter account, @FreeUTOPIA, to publish those articles as we find them. It’s going to be powered by Phil Windley’s code used by the most excellent @utahpolitics. If you’re not using Twitter, that’s okay; I’m going to setup the Twitter Tools plugin to publish those tweets on a daily basis. It should be ready to go by tomorrow.

If you have any questions, comments, or rude noises, sound off in the comments.

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4 Responses to A New Direction for Broadband Bytes

  1. u235sentinel says:

    I understand. Same here. My hours have increased dramatically but again I’m in a new career and learning a great deal as a result.

    Another reason I’ve occasionally updated my blog.

    I have to ask, twitter? Why not on facebook? I haven’t seen much going on there…

    thought I’d ask 😀

  2. Jesse says:

    I got the idea from the @utahpolitics bot which retweets from people it follows. I can also easily republish the day’s tweets here. While FaceBook can hit a wider audience, it’s not as visible, doesn’t offer the same level of flexibility just yet, and it’s blocked by the corporate firewall at work. Them’s some big strikes.

  3. u235sentinel says:

    it’s blocked by the corporate firewall at work.

    Yeah I get it but during the day I rarely look at that stuff anyway. It’s when I get home in the evening when I start working my mayhem 😀

    Politicians love me 🙂

  4. jasonthe says:

    I realize this is quite an old post, but I wanted to “sound off” in the comments and say that I really enjoy the B.Bytes posts, and they way they are put together. I hope they continue!

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