A Better Way to Find UTOPIA Coverage

One of the long-standing complaints with UTOPIA has been a lack of data and, to be honest, it’s a fair criticism (and one I share). At the top of the list is trying to figure out just where the heck service is actually available. Thanks to the Utah Broadband Project, we now know. Just select UTOPIA from the list of providers and you’ll know which census blocks the service is actually available on. Naturally, it doesn’t mean that every house has an existing connection, but it gives you a much better idea than just “somewhere in the city”.

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  2. Samuel Jones says:

    Fair warning – at least for UTOPIA the map is not very accurate. According to Utah Broadband Project’s map, if you live in any of the member cities you’re covered. I live in West Valley City and I have yet to meet anybody that qualifies for UTOPIA. It seems to be for businesses only.

    • Jesse says:

      The caveat with the Utah Broadband Project is that the data they can release is by census block, even if they collect address-specific information. That said, it’s a lot more accurate than what we had before (hearsay and rumor).

    • Van says:

      It is true. I talked to them; they are trying to sign up businesses first because they pay more and will fund the connections to the residents. I’m not sure if I agree with the strategy.

      • Jesse says:

        They’re in kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position. If they go for the businesses, they’re accused of redlining residences. If they go for the residences, they’re accused of leaving a bunch of money on the table. If it’s going to be negative PR either way, go where the network investment pays back the best to wire everyone else later.

        Personally, I’m building the cooperative myself because I don’t want to wait anymore. Be active, not passive.

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