Bill Alert: HB60 dropped from the agenda AGAIN

I’m beginning to think that Rep. Curt Webb is trying to win a “most indecisive legislator” award or something. I’ve gotten word (from three sources) that HB60 has been pulled from the HouseĀ  Government Operations Committee hearing yet again. There’s no indication yet on when it will now be heard, but we’re certain to get at least 24 hours of notice. With the President’s Day holiday coming up, I think we can at least stand down for the weekend.

As always, I’ll provide updates when they’re available.

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3 Responses to Bill Alert: HB60 dropped from the agenda AGAIN

  1. Chris C. says:

    When do they typically update the agenda? I’d just hate if they did actually end up considering the bill tomorrow, since this entire process has been a bit unpredictable, and nobody was there to speak against it. At the same time, I’d also hate to show up and have them update it the second I walk through the door. lol

    • Jesse says:

      State law requires 24 hours notice of meetings and their agenda. I’m not sure how exactly he’s getting away with all of these last-minute withdrawals.

  2. Chris C. says:

    I was thinking that this morning too. They should really cap the number of times you can withdraw and submit a bill; otherwise, if the bill keeps being submitted and withdrawn, nobody from the public will be able to speak about it because they’ll be so fed up with the whole process. I’ll try and show up whatever day/time they set though.

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