Schedule of Macquarie-related meetings

macquarie_logo_2638Want to ask Macquarie some more burning questions? Interested in seeing how your city council votes? Here’s the so-far definitive list of what is happening and where. Note that any of these is subject to change and I’ll do my best to publish updates.

  • Thursday May 22: Brigham City will have an open house at the Bunderson Center, 641 E 200 N, from 6PM to 8PM. Macquarie will be there to answer one-on-one questions.
  • Tuesday May 27: Orem will have Nick Hann at the regular city council meeting to answer questions and take feedback. The council meets at 3PM in the Public Safety Training Room.
  • Tuesday May 27: Both West Valley City and Layton will be taking votes on advancing with Milestone Two during their normal city council meetings.
  • Tuesday June 3: Lindon will have a public discussion item on the city council agenda. They meet 7PM at the Lindon City Center on State St.
  • Thursday June 5: Murray will have an open house at the Doty Center inside the Intermountain Medical Center complex. It starts at 6:30PM.
  • Thursday June 5: Centerville will have an open house, education session, and public Q&A at 7:30PM. I’m assuming it’s at city hall, but the location is unclear.
  • Tuesday June 17: Centerville, Tremonton, and Lindon should all be taking votes on advancing with Milestone Two during their normal city council meetings.

Notably absent from the list are Payson and Perry, cities that seem to have adopted “bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best” as their strategy. If you live in either city, you should contact your mayor and city council to give them a nudge.

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6 Responses to Schedule of Macquarie-related meetings

  1. Chris Camp says:

    What’s interesting is on the Payson City website, they have a link to, so it sounds like they are at least open to the idea. It would be very wise for them to go for this, since the smaller towns and cities in Utah struggle to get any investment as it is. Small towns and cities across America would be climbing over one another at the chance to get a 1GB fiber optic network wired to every home, school and business to keep their towns alive. Perry on the other hand, nothing. I agree, if anyone lives in those communities, reach out!

    • Steven Whitehead says:

      What is also interesting is the Mayor, city council and the rest of
      the city government do not have any email addresses on the
      city website. I don’t think they realize how not having high speed
      internet is hurting the city (DSL and Comcast are not high speed
      by ITU definition). I recently talked to a resident of Provo who was thinking of moving to Payson and when he found out UTOPIA was
      not built out in the area of town he want to move to decided not to. A neighbor of mine who has UTOPIA that is just a few
      blocks away (I can’t get UTOPIA here- Dark Fiber) bought his
      house mostly because it did have UTOPIA……

      I guess I will need to make some phone calls….


      • Greg says:

        I purchased my home with UTOPIA being heavily weighed in the decision. Currently, the UTOPIA lines aren’t quite to my house (literally in the next street over), but I was confident they would get there sooner rather than later.

  2. Richard says:

    Do we know how much residents are already paying per address to cover the UTOPIA debt?

  3. Todd says:

    Lindon City is conducting an online survey of their residents and businesses regarding the proposal. If you are a Lindon City resident, go to the city website at, or go to this linkd for the survey:

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