BREAKING: Midvale is the first UTOPIA city to say ‘yes’ to Macquarie’s Milestone Two

midvale_logoIn a unanimous vote, Midvale becomes the first UTOPIA city to choose to move forward with the proposal from Macquarie. Milestone Two will hammer out the fine details of the proposal to build, maintain, and operate the network for 30 years. The city will still need to vote to accept that finalized and detailed offer when it is completed.

Other cities are still taking feedback on the high-level overview presented in Milestone One. Murray will have an open house June 5 at 6:30PM. Centerville and Lindon both submitted detailed lists of questions and got public responses to all of them. This is shaping up to be an incredibly open process, a stark contrast to a UTOPIA that was scared to discuss anything in public for fear of being attacked again.

Keep your eyes open for postings about more upcoming votes and remember, the votes are just to move forward on getting fine details.

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9 Responses to BREAKING: Midvale is the first UTOPIA city to say ‘yes’ to Macquarie’s Milestone Two

  1. Justin Sharp says:

    Hurrah! Let’s hope the rest fall in line. *looks at northern cities*

  2. Greg says:

    This is what I like to see. Not surprising though, since the city planner is on the UTOPIA board.

    • Jesse says:

      Every city has a member on the board, but you are correct that Kane Loader has been a longtime advocate.

      • Greg says:

        That makes sense (and I should have put it together). I’m hoping that these other cities see that this deal gives them a way to build out the network that they envisioned, as well as a revenue stream (even if it’s a future revenue stream) to pay down the existing bond obligation.

  3. Ryan says:

    Great news! This should break the ice for the other member cities.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Yea, lets get this deal made and move on this thing, before the Utah legislature can screw it up.

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