Broadband Bytes for 2015-04-24

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  1. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    CenturyLink just upgraded my area from adsl2+ to vdsl, which for some stupid reason the upload is still stuck at 896kbits. Centurylink what are you thinking, TCP checksums alone will need more then that on a 40meg service, let alone if you are uploaded anything with it.

    Not that is matters tho, the lines in the area are so faulty that the service is unusable, and vdsl proly only makes this worse.

    Tryed to tell the sales guy they sent around that the problem with service to my house was in the wire from the node to the ped box, when we had their service it would go out whenever it rained, or the sprinklers turned on, or it got to cool outside. The phone service still worked however(tho it got staticy), so they always refused to fix it, or the tech would blame issues on rocky mountain power.

    I told the guy if they would replace the line and let me have my ISP back(xmission), i would buy the service. haven’t heard back from him.

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