Rumor: Mstar Moves Back to ServerPlus for Support

There’s a rumor about that Mstar has outsourced all customer support to ServerPlus. Employees in Mstar’s call center were reportedly either laid off or offered a job at ServerPlus with a big pay cut, possibly down to as little as $10 an hour. Mstar had initially used ServerPlus for fiber customer support and found it lacking, so the move back to them seems like a step backwards. I’m going to count it as another tick mark on the Mstar Death Watch.

A separate rumor says that Broadweave is in negotiations with ServerPlus for the same thing. That would be bad news for anyone currently in a customer service position with the company.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Mstar Moves Back to ServerPlus for Support

  1. Dave says:

    Is there any good news from/about UTOPIA? I answered their request to list my address for info about service. Their response: check back with us after the first of the year. In my “UTOPIA Calendar book” that means two weeks short of never…

  2. Ben Saunders says:

    My experience with ServerPlus in the past has not been good. I don’t think they are capable of this level of support. They can answer the phone but…

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