Broadband Bytes Doubleheader Edition: November 22-December 5, 2008

Between visiting family in Sacramento for Thanksgiving and a business trip to Montreal (where the hotel apparently didn’t believe in reliable Internet service), I got a bit behind on the Broadband Bytes feature. Never fear: I’ll make it up to you with a special double feature to get caught up on the previous two weeks.

There’s still a lot more going on in the industry, but that covers the big highlights.

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3 Responses to Broadband Bytes Doubleheader Edition: November 22-December 5, 2008

  1. u235sentinel says:

    It’s interesting that just a year after Concast terminated my families internet that they have begun to address some serious problems with their service.

    As of October 2008 they now say you can consume 250 gigs monthly where as before it was an undisclosed limit and they couldn’t tell you.

    Now they have a bandwidth tool giving you some clue of what your usage is.

    They have improved their customer service but we’ll see if it’s effective.

    The only issue we have is what if their bandwidth monitor is wrong? I have a tool to monitor my usage now. What if they say I’m using too much yet my tool says I’m barely hitting 10 gigs. I’m curious if they have a resolution.

    The company has made some good progress this last year but they still have a ways to go.

    It’s also still running old copper to the home. Tech invented more than 100 years ago. Perhaps with Obama we’ll see improvements in this field.

    We can no longer afford to ignore the Infrastructure of the future.

  2. Jesse says:

    The Comcast elite customer service ninja team has certainly gotten good at damage control, but they really need to be a lot more proactive if they want things fixed. Not everyone who’s dissatisfied has a blog or Twitter account to vent their angst.

  3. u235sentinel says:

    They certainly have lots of experience with damage control. Comes from years of pissing off customers from what I’m hearing.

    Proactive? Nah. It’s not profitable. But when bad news leaks out, yeah, that’s when they have to fix things.

    Now I’m hoping for more than a slower alternative to Concast. Someday perhaps.

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