Broadband Bytes for 2014-12-26

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  1. charlesH says:

    “This summer, the company plans to widen its service area to the east side of I-35W, which will encroach further into incumbent Comcast’s territory. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Comcast offers 50Mbps service for $77 and 25Mbps service for $65 in that area; US Internet by contrast prices its 100Mbps service tier—the company’s most popular—at just $45 per month. The gigabit plan at $65 gives customers about 40 times the bandwidth of Comcast’s 25Mbps plan for the same price.”

    Note that 100M for $45 is more popular than 1G for $65.

    • Rich says:

      $35/month for 100Mbps symmetrical here.

    • Jesse says:

      You’re mis-reading the data. Customers expect a certain level of bandwidth and will pay what they need to, within certain limits, to get it. Comcast still sells more $70/mo product (25M/4M) than anything else with $80/mo (50M/10M) being a close second. Most people are fine at 100M/100M. Only people like me would attempt to saturate a 1G/1G connection.

      And UTOPIA carriers lots of legacy costs that US Internet does not. “Sell at a loss and make it up on volume” doesn’t work, especially not for them.

      • charlesH says:

        “You’re misreading the data”

        Who are you talking to? I’m not misreading the data.

        People see diminishing returns in higher bandwidth and most times live with slower speeds if they save money.

        Very few people care about 1G. They want what they need (10, 25, 50, 100 …. ) at the lowest possible cost.

        US Internet sees more demand for 100M at $45 than 1G at $65 per the article. I’m not surprised. We are happy with >=25M.

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