Broadband Bytes for 2014-12-12

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  1. Mike says:

    >>>USF rules now require 10M down, 1M up at a minimum. <<<

    CenturyLink has a real problem, as under this definition, there are large swaths, even along the Wasatch Front, that no longer qualify as 'broadband'.

    • Greg says:

      My area being one of them. I wonder what this will mean for their business. Part of me thinks they will just tell the customers, “hey, you get X speed, but it’s not broadband by definition, and no, there is not a discount.” They seem to want to be in the business space anyway, residential isn’t that profitable when Cable companies have a stranglehold on the market.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Outside the few addresses in SLC that have vdsl, is their anyplace in Utah from Centurylink that fits that definition. The vast majority of their lines are stuck at 768k/896k upload rates, 10-25% short of the required speed.

    • Jesse says:

      No, there isn’t. ADSL tops out at 896Kbps upstream in all of their service areas. Only in FTTN areas can you get up to 5Mbps upstream.

      Also worth noting: almost all CenturyLink ADSL service areas also top out at 7Mbps downstream, well shy of the minimum requirement. They claim to have upwards of 20Mbps in some scattered areas, but I’d imagine you’d practically need to have the CO on your lawn for that to happen.

      • Ronald D. Hunt says:

        Most FTTN(copper from the node) area’s are only ADSL2+ and are also capped at 896K upload, its only VDSL circuits that have faster uploads.

        Where I live in Layton we have FTTN based ADSL2+ service, And century link will be more then happy to charge you for 20meg down 896K up service. Most houses will be lucky if they get 5meg of real down speed, My modem when I had the service generally reported 12meg(i paid for 20), but the connection was very very unstable and had constant drop outs, which the techs would blame on the power company.

  3. sam allen says:

    I’m not a CenturyLink fanboi but will have to say that my experience with CL is different. I have 40/20 and I get those speeds. Yes, I am the first house closest to the DSLAM. I was also told that I could pay for a hundred meg connection for $~150. I said no thanks. and yes, my cost for my bundles of internet and land line is $105/month. So Utopia with XMISSION at hlf the cost for double the speed sounds much better.

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